World Fair Trade Day

Posted on May 09, 2014 by Megan Hawke

World Fair Trade day is an annual, worldwide celebration of all things fair trade and the benefits of choosing fair for millions of farmers & workers in developing countries. With every Fair Trade purchase you make, you are helping the farmers and the artisans build better futures for themselves and in turn also improving working conditions around the world.

Together we can fight for fairer trade, and for a fairer world.

‘Fair Trade People’ is the theme for the 2014 World Fair Trade Day celebration. The theme has been chosen to celebrate the people of Fair Trade, and they are the producers and consumers. That includes us here at Pebble Child!'

The real drivers behind the growth of fair trade are the Fair Trade Producers. Fair Trade has become the leading movement promoting social justice today, backed by promoter’s, advocates and hundreds of volunteers all over the globe.

Fair Trade has produced change, and will continue to do so. Fair Trade has improved the lives of several million small producers worldwide and their communities. Show your support. Use the WFTO web app  and show to the world that Fair Trade People are everywhere, by sharing it on social media channels with hashtags #FairTrade and #WFTDay.

“Fair Trade was established to enable producers, especially the smaller ones, to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable fashion. With the support of conscientious consumers, Fair Trade has grown to become a sustainable solution to fight poverty and economic crisis. Today, Fair Trade impacts not only producers but all of us. Fair Trade is a movement of the people, by the people and for the people.” Natália Leal, WFTO Chief Executive

“Throughout the years in which I have been involved in Fair Trade, I have personally met ten thousands of people who have demonstrated how we can each make a difference. We are a movement of committed individuals working together towards a common goal and WFTDay celebrates the dedication of this movement and its achievements.” Rudi Dalvai, WFTO President

“I initiated World Fair Trade Day in Japan, 1999, as a way of celebrating diversity, sustainability and incredible examples of justice through business – Fair Trade is a powerful movement with real proven examples that deliver social development. The public want to be part of the solution and people from every walk of life around the world will get involved May 10th!” Safia Minney

So... get involved this World Fair Trade Day and show your support by purchasing Fair Trade goods, it’s a small change in your life that can make a huge difference in someone else’s!

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